Additional Solutions

Our solutions are composed of multiple building blocks, enabling businesses to create the combination which best suits their needs

Enable customers or employees to register online, through remote on-boarding, and finish the screening process without them even visiting the branch. This is applicable for services such as mobile wallets, consumer finance, ride-hailing, e-commerce, peer-to-peer and much moreĀ 

At many locations such as education institutions, bank headquarters, hotels and residential compounds, visitor ID information is manually checked and copied. Increase the speed and effectiveness of this process by equipping your security personnel with a state-of-the-art scanner, which registers ID information onto a virtual visitors logĀ 

Our smart OCR software can be taught to extract text from any type of card, image or document. Digitization can also be combined with Arabic to English transliteration for those who prefer working with English databases or CRM systems

Allow your users to unlock their applications or verify commands using their biometric facial features. This solution utilizes facial recognition in combination with liveness detection to avoid being tricked using photographs. Access to work related applications can also be restricted to physical locations

Our facial recognition software can be linked to cameras on gates to verify identity, based on pre-uploaded photographs. This solution greatly reduces bottlenecks arising through manually checking identity or tickets