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Valify was created in 2018 as a response to the local movement towards financial inclusion as well as the massive increase in digital service providers

How can we achieve the goals of financial inclusion and provision of remote services, while onboarding customers continues to be a manual process that takes a lot of time, effort & paperwork?

Valify is a RegTech company that offers digital identity solutions to financial institutions, telcos, e-commerce platforms, and sharing economy providers in addition to other sectors

Traditionally, a wide range of services has to take place at a physical location. We were able to introduce the concept of electronic KYC (Know Your Customer) that replaces the requirement of having to go in-person to a bank or telecom branch and stand in line for your turn

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The Status of Financial Inclusion in The Arab World

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We provide a variety of solutions that enable you to digitally onboard your users and make sure your customers are who they claim to be… Remotely


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