The User Information Verification Process

Establishing genuine user identity has become an essential element of the customer due diligence process.
Our effortless national ID authentication service allows you to fully mitigate the threats of identity fraud and theft as well as related costs.The same software can be used to verify user information, such as place of residence, from official documents in addition to allowing your users to verify their data by submitting documents online, instead of visiting one of your branches. Examples documents include utility bills or bank statements

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    Simply capture a high resolution photograph of the front and back sides of national IDs

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    Our Arabic Character Recognition (OCR) service is used in both the ID and document verification processes to extract image text and convert it to encoded machine readable text

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    More than 40 checks are done to check whether the captured ID is genuine. The data extracted from the ID and documents is cross-referenced and verified

Key Benefits

Verify User Accounts

Enhance User Experience

Comply With KYC & AML Standards

Increase Online Trust & Safety

Avoid Irregular Problem-Solving Costs

Automate Mundane Tasks & Avoid Human Error