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Canada launches digital ID trust and interoperability framework

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework has been launched by the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) to provide set of standards for digital ID and authentication, which may or may not include biometrics, to define the kind of digital ID that will be widely adopted in the country.

With the launch, alpha testing will be conducted by public and private entities in Canada, and DIACC is planning to launch a PCTF Voila Verified Trustmark Assurance Program next year based on the results of that testing. Alpha testing will be carried out by more than 20 DIACC member organizations.

The PCTF was formulated based on extensive consultations with stakeholders from the digital identity space, including the Digital ID Laboratory of Canada and Yoti. Yoti Commercial Lead for Canada Leigh Day co-chairs DIACC’s Innovation Expert Committee, and sits on its Outreach Expert Committee. The help of international and third-party partners like eIDAS and Kantara Initiative IAF was also enlisted, and more than 3,400 public comments were provided over a four-year process.


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