The User Authentication Process

Liveness detection & facial recognition

Identity authentication helps shelter organizations and users from the ever rising threats of account takeovers, identity theft and fake accounts. This is a decisive way of proving customers are who they claim to be, as it utilizes machine learning and biometrics to establish a credible digital identity.

Authenticated OTP Verification

Standard OTP verification checks that the user has current access to the mobile phone number entered. Our authenticated OTP solution goes beyond this by verifying, with relevant authorities, that the user is the registered owner of the number.

  • 1


    Is the person in the frame actually alive and physically present?

  • 2


    Verify the person in the frame as being the same person in the ID photo

  • 3

    OTP Verification

    Verify phone number access and ownership

Key Benefits

Establish a trusted digital identity

Conduct effective customer due diligence

Automate mundane tasks & reduce human error

Verify user accounts

Comply with KYC & AML standards

Speed up customer on-boarding