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Our Story

Valify is an Egypt-based RegTech company specializing in digital identity infrastructure technology. The company was founded following the global movement towards financial inclusion as well as the massive increase in digital service providers.


Secure Digital Identity Verificaiton Solutions

We provide a variety of solutions that enable you to digitally onboard your users and make sure your customers are who they claim to be… Remotely

Remote Account Opening & Secure Registration

Expand your geographical reach with minimal cost. Our eKYC solution enables you to reach new users and onboard them. All they need is a smartphone and an internet connection

User Identity Verification & Biometric Authentication

Fight fake accounts, automated accounts and bots, providing a more credible experience for your users, reducing costs related to manual monitoring & utilizing unique biometrics to improve security

In-branch Automation & Optimization Solutions

Optimize your in-house experience by using our AI-powered services to get rid of manual, repetitive tasks. Effectively saving time & increasing workforce productivity

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We serve a variety of sectors ranging from financial services to sharing platforms, e-commerce and personals among a few


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